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From "J.V." <>
Subject Maven - offer anything for runtime?
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 15:40:06 GMT
I understand how Maven resolves dependencies (and transitive 
dependencies) at compile time, but does it bring anything to the table 
at run time?

For example, if I have in my application dependency list two versions of 
log4J (let's say version 8 and version 15), will I deploy both 
jars/version along with my app on say a tomcat server inside the war?

At runtime which one does it choose?  If I am executing the code that 
depends on version 8, how would the correct jar be in the classpath at 
that point and later log4J version 15 be in my classpath when code that 
has that dependency executes?

At runtime, Maven is out of the picture correct?  This is a missing 
piece for me.



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