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From Eugene Koontz <>
Subject Re: Need to pass munge directives to 'mvn site:site'
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2012 19:33:35 GMT
On 4/14/12 6:07 AM, Dennis Lundberg wrote:

>> Perhaps "mvn site:site" is  having a problem because it is invoking "mvn
>> compiler:compile" rather than "mvn compile"? (mvn -X site:site seems to
>> suggest so).
> mvn site:site invokes a goal on the site plugin
> mvn site invokes a lifecycle phase
> Try the latter and see if it works for you.
> Read more about phases and goals here:

Hi Dennis,
Thanks for your reply. After reading the above and experimenting, I
found that I could do "mvn compile site", and this works, even though
"mvn site" fails. The former succeeds because, it seems to me, that the
"compile" phase overrides the default compiler:compile plugin/goal pair
('mvn compiler:compile' fails, as I mentioned above).

Is there a way to make a given phase like 'site' depend on another
phrase, like 'compile'? That would allow me to just type 'mvn site'
rather than 'mvn compile site'.


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