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From Eugene Koontz <>
Subject Need to pass munge directives to 'mvn site:site'
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2012 00:08:42 GMT
	I'm trying to debug an error in running 'mvn site:site' within the
Apache Giraph project's top-level directory. The pom.xml is here:

Note that there is a default profile, hadoop_0.20.203. This profile has
which are used control conditional compilation. This works fine for some
goals, like "mvn test" and "mvn verify". However, when I try to do "mvn
site:site" it fails due to a Java compile error:

[INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------
cannot find symbol
symbol  : class ProtocolSignature
location: package org.apache.hadoop.ipc

This compile error would be avoided if the munge symbols mentioned above
were employed (as they are with "test" and "verify"). So the problem
seems to be to get "mvn site:site" to use munge.

What I need to do to the pom.xml to make this happen? Please also help
me understand what the difference is between "mvn compile" and "mvn
compiler:compile" - the former succeeds, the latter fails due to the
same compilation error.

Perhaps "mvn site:site" is  having a problem because it is invoking "mvn
compiler:compile" rather than "mvn compile"? (mvn -X site:site seems to
suggest so).


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