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From "Paulo Jorge Nascimento Oliveira" <>
Subject [URGENT] Projects Ruby on Maven
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 16:34:16 GMT

Note: I'm a newbie in this issue.

I need to use Maven to build, testing and deploy some Ruby

But, when i was trying to mix Ruby with Maven, I found
some problems. I installed Maven in OS, and in Eclipse
(m2e plugin). When I try to create a new project, I'm
having some trouble to find and choose the right 
and "packaging" for a Ruby Project?

I had read some documents about this issue, but until now
I wasn't able to find a good solution for my problem.

Somehow i ended up, installing Maven Gem in Ruby, getting 
the "rmvn" command, very similar to mvn. And tried this 
solution for mvn on rmvn, but then still not 
work..problems (with pom.xml file) on the first line.

So, since i still need help for this. How I can create a 
Ruby Project with Apache Maven? (Please full tutorial, I 
remember you I'm a newbie in this kind of application).

OS => Linux Mint 12 - 64-bits - kernel3.0.0-12-generic
Maven => Apache Maven 2.2
Java => 1.7
Eclipse => 3.7

Thanks for the help.
Paulo Oliveira

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