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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: using build profiles for WAR plugin
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 18:50:54 GMT
> I am new to maven, based on the documentation and the specification it seems
> like profiles are used to create different versions of a deployment package.
> Why would profiles be there if not for that purpose?

Opinions have changed on this point through the years. Maven is
opinionated software.

Modern QA best practices demand that the development team deliver an
artifact to QA and that same unchanged artifact is then delivered to
UAT and Production.

By creating environment- or server-specific artifacts, you are
introducing the possibility of errors into this process. There is a
chance that Maven did something wrong (javac failed, bits got flipped
in your ram since you're not using ECC, etc) when constructing the
PROD artifact but built DEV and QA just fine. You would have no idea
that you are about to deploy a horribly corrupted artifact to PROD
until it was done and your "five nines SLA" is suddenly in trouble.
This defeats the entire purpose of QA.

> Maven is suppose to be a build tool, but you are telling me I shouldn't put
> build configuration data in it.  It seems like you guys are saying only to
> use the dependency management/repository aspect of it.

Build configuration -- yes.

Server-specific runtime configuration which locks a particular
artifact so it only runs without modifications in one environment --

Some people include "all" runtime configurations in one package and
then use a variety of techniques to tell their code which
configuration to load at runtime. There are other ways of doing the
same general thing, you are free to pick one which seems the most
reasonable to you.

Profiles for this purpose are nearly always the WRONG answer. Make
your build work WITHOUT profiles.


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