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From Anders Hammar <>
Subject Re: Re: Re: useing profiles to control properties to drive version numbers in poms
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 09:15:12 GMT
> We're having lots of projects building at least one EAR, and each EAR is
> deployed to the same application server(s), but in different flavors:
> developer (snapshot) build, integration build and/or release build. Using
> a CI server configured with special jobs doing these deployment tasks
> would result in having to implement the same tasks again and again. IMHO
> this is more error-prone than having a default job in a parent pom doing
> that...

When been over this several times on this list. You have to extract
the configuration out of the binary. You mustn't have a Maven build
that could generate different flavors of an artifact. Which one would
you deploy to the repository?
If you can't separate the configuration out of the binary, you should
have multiple projects each one generate one of the flavors.


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