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From John Patrick <>
Subject Re: Compile all projects respectively
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2012 21:32:02 GMT
Look into pom packages, then that maven project has your jar, war and
ear as modules.

./pom.xml (i.e project-pom package type pom)

./jar/pom.xml (i.e. project-jar package type jar)
./war/pom.xml (i.e. project-war package type war)
./ear/pom.xml (i.e. project-ear package type ear)

then in ./ execute your maven command and it will build your
dependencies in order.


On 23 March 2012 21:24, sarmahdi <> wrote:
> Hello All!
> I have three projects. an EAR, a WAR and a JAR project. and they are all
> depended on each other. Like Jar is compiled and deployed in maven repo,
> from there it is added into the WAR and war is deployed in the repo and from
> there the WAR is added into the EAR.
> For each project I have to do mvn.bat scm:update clean install one by one
> and in that order Jar then war and then the EAR. Is there a way I can just
> do :> mvn.bat scm:update clean install in the ear project and it will start
> with the jar (update the files then clean the target and then install) then
> the war (add the first jar in it) and then do it for the ear. (the jar can
> be added here as well doesnt matter, it works both ways: inside the
> war/WEB-INF/lib and inside the EAR side by side the war) so i have to run
> the command only once
> Thanks and I will appreciate the tips.
> Syed...
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