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From Lannoye Xavier <>
Subject Re: how to custom decrypt settings.xml passwords
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 11:00:56 GMT
hi all

there is however something that bothers me:
I wrote a plugin that access the Settings object. That object
is instantiated by maven, and contains the merge of all settings available
(M2_HOME/conf/settings.xml, ~/.m2/settings.xml and "-s settings.xml").
with my plugin, I look after my corporate encoded passwords, decode them,
and update the Settings object with the decoded value.
I linked my plugin with initialize, generate-resources
and process-resources phases. My debug shows me that at the very first
phase (initialize), the Settings object is well updated (password decrypted
using our corporate tool), and the two next phases show the correctly
updated Settings object - having the passwords decrypted.

However, when maven goes for downloading dependencies, it fails because
maven takes the encrypted version of the password. IMHO, I think that maven
reads again the settings.xml file, whether it should use the Settings

Has someone some feedback for that?

thanks for your reading

On 13 March 2012 14:59, Lyons, Roy <> wrote:

> To address the issue of weak encryption of passwords, CME Group has
> contracted with Sonatype to create a custom build of Nexus that uses ssh
> keys and PKI for authentication.  We are expecting to receive a delivery
> early to mid April on the ssh based approach.  The PKI approach will
> require some customization on the maven client end, to allow for
> certificate based authentication.
> You may want to contact Sonatype to address your issues, they will have a
> solution.
> Thanks,
> Roy
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> From: [] On
> Behalf Of Anders Hammar
> Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 4:41 AM
> To: Maven Users List
> Subject: Re: how to custom decrypt settings.xml passwords
> I don't think this is possible to do through a Maven plugin. It has to be
> part of Maven core.
> Unfortunately, Maven Core currently does not (that I've found) provide
> with a hook or extension to switch the encryption mechanism. Until that is
> implemented, I believe you need to create your own extended Maven
> installation with support for this.
> I'm in a similar situation. For a corporate environment with fairly high
> security concerns, the current solution with passwords in settings.xml is a
> problem in general. Also, it causes problems on CI as the credentials are
> quite easy to get hold of (a simple Maven build will reveal it). So,
> currently, we've not allowed CI to deploy artifacts to the repo.
> So, from my perspective there are different things to solve (in my case at
> least):
> * A simpler/better solution to handle the users' credentials. This could
> be integration with smart cards, Windows SSO (kerberos?), etc.
> The user shouldn't have to update the settings.xml.
> * A good/secure integration between CI and the repo. Ultimately I'd like
> the end user's credentails to be used (not a generic CI account as I want
> to know exactly who pressed the build button). If a generic CI account is
> used, it has to be kept outside of the Maven Core loop so that it can't be
> snooped.
> /Anders
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 10:07, Lannoye Xavier <>
> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I'm working in a corporate environment, with maven builds processed on
> > atlassian bamboo servers. I've been asked to investigate a solution to
> > encrypt passwords present in the custom settings.xml file against our
> > corporate encryption software.
> >
> > I've started with the maven's master-password procedure, but with this
> > procedure, we faced the distributed bamboo's remote agents issue.
> > passwords must be encrypted using the master password of the server it
> > is going to be decrypted later on, and with bamboo agents, you cannot
> > guarantee on which server the build will be executed.
> >
> > Then I read about ssh encrypted passwords, but this requires ssh login
> > for each of our customers on our servers, which they don't have. We
> > have to many users to create unix accounts for each of them, and
> > furthermore, we don't want them to access our servers by other
> > meanings than the bamboo interface. Not mentioning they should have
> access to every remote agent.
> >
> > so this is why we finally get to the point we need to force our bamboo
> > users to include in their project their own settings.xml file, which
> > they call in their build with the "-s" parameter.
> > in settings.xml however, the passwords are plain text, and so are
> > readable by anyone.
> >
> > I was thinking about writing a maven plugin which could use our
> > corporate encryption software to decrypt passwords. But I cannot
> > figure out how to hook this inside maven. I already wrote a plugin
> > that reads the settings.xml file, but how to "push" the decrypted
> > password inside the maven build process? I'd need something as a "hook"
> but cannot find any.
> >
> > Thanks for everyone for taking the time to read this (quite) long
> message.
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