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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject Re: There is a way to override distributionManagement in Maven
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 13:41:48 GMT
and what is exactly wrong with

mvn -DaltDeploymentRepository=id::default::url deploy


no change to pom required

On 28 March 2012 14:35, Lyons, Roy <> wrote:
> Actually, this makes some sense to me.  If you really want to test out your build scripts,
but do not want to make actual changes to the corporate repo, you would want to instead publish
to a temporary area.  You don't actually want to disable the "deploy" but you don't want
it overwriting your current binaries since Java was so awesome as to always create binaries
with a new md5sum (AWESOME feature let me tell you...).
> I would be interested in the outcome of this as well, since at the moment our only way
of setting up a test environment is to create entirely new code repos and update poms.  Of
course code and poms get out of date -- so unexpected "goodness" has the ability to creep
up on us during production builds.
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> From: Stephen Connolly []
> Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 2:45 AM
> To: Maven Users List
> Subject: Re: There is a way to override distributionManagement in Maven
> Take a step back and try and explain exactly what the problem is that you think you are
trying to solve.
> I have a sneaky feeling you are trying to get functionality similar to staging/promotion
available from the good repository managers (iirc nexus free does not, but nexus pro and artifactory
certainly have the capability, I would need to check archivia, but I suspect it might)
> On Tuesday, 27 March 2012,  <> wrote:
>> Hello Maven users,
>> I have a project master pom.xml with a distribution management section
> defined like this:
>>  <distributionManagement>
>>    <repository>
>>      <id>one</id>
>>      <name>Blah Managed Releases Repository</name>
>>      <url>http://XXXX:8080/archiva/repository/one/</url>
>>      <layout>default</layout>
>>    </repository>
>>    <snapshotRepository>
>>      <id>snapshots</id>
>>      <name>Blah Managed Snapshots Repository</name>
>>      <url>http://XXXX:8080/archiva/repository/snapshots/</url>
>>      <uniqueVersion>true</uniqueVersion>
>>      <layout>default</layout>
>>    </snapshotRepository>
>>  </distributionManagement>
>> I want to be able to override this values on a test and production
>> setup,
> having the production setting enabled by default; After reading the Maven site it seems
than the only way to do this is by using profiles but after some reading on this list it seems
than the are not a good choice (many caveats).
>> There is a cleaner way to achieve this?
>> Can someone point me to some examples? I'm not sure what to put where
>> Thanks in advance,
>> --Jose
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