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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: generate-sources target called twice
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 12:23:23 GMT
1) When someone of Ander's experience makes a suggestion, you should 
just do it.

2) You might want to provide some background about what you are actually 
Maven has been used for almost everything. It is unlikely that you are 
the first person to use it for whatever it is you are building.
There is a real danger in this forum that you will get very poor advice 
from very brilliant Maven experts if you ask your question without context.

Some of the people here can make Maven do damn near anything and will 
tell you how to do it.

If you tell them what you are trying to build, they may give you a very 
simple way to do it that is fully supported and used by everyone else 
without any deep understanding of Maven.

If your technology has been in general use for more than a few months, 
it is likely that dozens of people have already solved this problem and 
any aven plug-ins that are required have already been done.

The only thing that you have mentioned is "annotations" and that is 
hardly new.
Processing generated code is also not new.

Some of the authors and project managers from the Maven project are here 
and the whole forum membership is pretty good at getting people through 
the initial shock of Maven.

It is easier than it looks but you have to do things the "Maven way" or 
you will be unhappy for a long time.

What are you building? What tool set are you trying to use? What IDE are 
you using?
What is special about your app?


On 20/03/2012 6:49 AM, jackett_dad wrote:
> Anders,
> I'll look at that, then.  This is in the early stages, and I'm following a
> tutorial on annotation processing, where annotations in code is used to
> generate code that the compiler will compile on a subsequent pass.  If I put
> the source beneath the target folder, I think the compiler will skip it.
> As for my problem of a second invocation of generate-sources, I'm forced for
> now to keep a flag in a singleton object that is checked before I try to
> process my sources a second time.  This at least gets me beyond my error,
> but I need to understand why this happened in the first place, and it looks
> like a complicated issue that requires a deep understanding of maven's
> cycles.
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