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From Niranjan Rao <>
Subject Dependency resolution problem
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 20:31:06 GMT
After banging my head for half an hour, I finally figured what was 
wrong. I was trying to use org.xerial:sqlite-jdbc version 3.7.2 on maven 
3. This jar is part of central repository and I was able to to see when 
I went to local nexus mirror.

However maven was not "seeing" it. Any time I tried compilation, I was 
getting error about unable to resolve dependencies. It turned out that 
this artifact is dependent upon some other artifacts which come from repository. If maven had told me about the actual missing 
dependencies, it would have been much easier.

Was there any switch that I could have used to the name of actual 
missing dependency? During my tries maven only complained about 
dependency that was in my pom and not the transitive dependencies.

I managed to fix it by adding xerial mirror to my nexus, but this can be 
baffling problem as error message was misleading.



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