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From Eric Kolotyluk <>
Subject Maven as an installation tool
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 03:32:54 GMT
Maybe this is too weird, but

Has anyone ever used Maven as an installation tool?

I've been thinking using Maven as a way to install and update software, 
and before I actually go and experiment with the idea I was wondering if 
other people have already thought of this. The idea would be that you 
have a simple bootstrap installer that installs and/or updates Maven 
first. Once Maven is installed/verified, you could then use it to pull 
down the rest of the solution artifacts from the network and then 
integrate them into the end solution. Over time you use the same 
mechanism to assist in software upgrades.

I suspect some people already do something like this for enterprise web 
applications, but I was thinking of something like a desktop application.

Cheers, Eric

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