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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: using build profiles for WAR plugin
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 19:31:40 GMT
This is not a unique situation.
Many people here use Spring and most people have to generate different 
WAR files.
One way is to have a set of maven JAR projects that contain all the code 
and a set of WAR projects that depend on your JARS and contain the 
Spring configuration files that are specific to each customer.

Each WAR file will have all of the right code with the right 
configuration files and will build nicely with very simple pom files 
that are easy to maintain.

Once you get this working, you can automate the maintenance of the WAR 
projects to handle new releases.

This will work and you will have your setup done and working in an hour 
or less.

It will also work for each new release of Maven and you will be able to 
get support here easily since this is the Maven way and we all know how 
to do this.


On 01/03/2012 2:16 PM, offbyone wrote:
> Ok, I hear you, profiles are evil.  BUT I still don't understand the
> alternative so let me give a specific and tangible example and maybe you can
> explain a specific alternative.
> I am currently deploying my product in a tomcat/linux environment as a war
> file.  My webapp is driven by a set of spring configuration files using the
> Spring context loader.  For example, one of those spring configuration files
> is called LookAndFeel.xml.  It sets attributes like colors of the user
> interface.  I love using this type of configuration driven design because it
> lets me swap out the entire look and feel just by changing a config file.
> There are many deployments of my application on different systems and each
> one has a different look and feel configuration file.  So, I was planning to
> have a different maven profile for each deployment and have the profile
> automatically push the correct LookAndFeel.xml into the war archive.
> So specifically how do I accomplish this this in maven without using
> profiles?
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