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From <>
Subject RE: Attach a random file to the deploy process
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 19:57:55 GMT

> Well, kinda - that only allows you to adjust extension and classifier.
> I _know_, we're swimming up stream here a bit.
> I'm pulling down the code for the buildhelper - I'd like to be able to control
> final name or artifactId at least :-/

I would suggest that controlling the name of the artifact is flagrant violation of the maven
way.  I just did a bunch of this work and
I used the classifier to clearly identify the purpose of the attached artifact.  Assuming
your .doc file was something like "release notes", you could use a classifier of "releaseNotes".
 I assume your desire to use a different name comes from other elements of your ecosystem
wanting/ needing a different name . . . ?  I suggest changing those things if possible.  

If they really have to be named something else, perhaps they should be attached to another
project with that name.  Or even deployed ad hoc via the deploy:deploy-file mojo?  

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