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From "Lyons, Roy" <>
Subject RE: private key definition through profile activated property
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 14:10:04 GMT
Just a gentle 2 week nudge.

Some additional info that I have, realizing that this didn't really outline some infrastructure

The idea here is that we can give a package to our support group to allow distribution to
all developers.  Since the key location will be different for each user, and most users find
maven to be a magical being that cavorts with unicorns on rainbows, it would be awesome to
create a definition for the location of the keyfile that can be determined through use of
known (and always set) variables -- as well as a path determination based on what OS the user
is on.

>From my experimentation so far, it appears that the key location is evaluated before any
profiles are -- and that presents a problem for me.

I am really hoping to be proven wrong, and perhaps have something silly pointed out, like
"hey, if you want to change the variable just use ${settings.somevar.someothervar.privateKey}
-- it won't evaluate variables in this field so forget putting one in there."

I have searched and searched, and have not found any documentation which tells me something
like that though -- and that makes me a sad panda.  Turn my frown upside-down!



From: Lyons, Roy
Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 1:16 PM
To: ''
Subject: private key definition through profile activated property

I am looking to set the location of the key file to be used based on the OS the user is executing
within a distributable settings.xml file.  This would be for a company-wide change, not just
a per-project basis.  Unfortunately, All I get is:

[WARNING] repository metadata for: 'org.apache.maven.plugins' could not be retrieved from
repository: InternalReleasePlugin due to an error: Authentication failed: Private key '${scp.key}'
not found


This happens on both unix and windows executions, and "mvn help:active-profiles" reports that
the correct profile is being activated.

Is there a different way in which I need to address this property to allow it to be expanded
to the value I provided?

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