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From sarmahdi <>
Subject eclipse plugin has a POM of its own
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2012 15:58:25 GMT
Hello All,

I was using maven standalone and working fine. but then i wanted to port
this project into eclipse so I downloaded the maven plugin me2Eclipse and
imported the project into eclipse. When I opened the POM.xml the file opened
as forms. so for all the sections there was a form which is a good thing.
BUT, there was an uneditable POM called *Effective POM* besides the pom.xml
source. what is happening is that the things that were missing from my POM
are read from there. and things that are missing from my POM the maven
outside the IDE was adjusting them quite favorably for my project.

When i was using maven outside the IDE it was working fine: but now the
Effective POM has some plugins listed in the <pluginmanagement> area that
are of older versions than the ones I was using and are in my repo already.
and because its uneditable i cant modify it so i have to over ride those in
my pom.xml. 

(I understand that eclipse is only telling me the actual Effective POM thats
gonna play when my maven runs on it) but how do i over ride it or what to do
now. My old structure was in place and all working with this new POM
although it shows me how to write a good POM but its confusing to get things
configured at two places.

Has any body had this issue and tried to work with it. the best thing was
that it showed me these tags and  how to specify my own project structure
(similar to eclipse) so I dont need to follow maven conventions



Is there a way to specify where my webApp folder is like the
<sourceDirectory>. The Effective POM doesn't list it. Also they are all
local paths, can I not give workspace specific path so that they can be
ported to some other directory and still work.


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