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From Brian Topping <>
Subject Re: Is Maven the answer?
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 07:22:46 GMT
Adding to the valid observations of others, I'd first consider the size of the project, number
of people that are going to be using it and their experience with Maven.  

If you want do to such a build cleanly with Maven, the best way to do it is by creating or
obtaining plugins for the various tasks.  There actually is a PHP plugin, for instance, and
others would be simple to make.  But if it's just a few people that know Maven and hoards
of others that complain about it being there or JVM languages being a part of the build, it's
just asking for problems.  For instance, you will probably find the team assigning any and
all issues with the build to you.

OTOH, if you have a large organization that is going to use the build and a majority knows
Maven already, plugins and lifecycle are still quite applicable and might be more enjoyable.

Maven can solve this problem just fine, but since dependency resolution and artifact versioning
/ releases may not be primary requirements for you, the non-technical issues Maven creates
may outnumber the issues that it resolves.

$0.02... Brian

On Mar 1, 2012, at 12:13 AM, Néstor Boscán wrote:

> Although I really like maven, and use it in all my projects, maven is
> tightly integrated with the project lifecycle (clean, compile, package,
> install, deploy ,etc) so ant looks like a better fit for what you're
> looking for.
> Néstor
> On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 11:51 PM, Ron Wheeler <
>> wrote:
>> I would have suggested Ant since it is easy to use, widely supported with
>> documentation, books and examples.
>> It can do damn near anything.
>> make seems awfully obscure but it is used a lot for installation.
>> maven does not seem like a good fit.
>> Ron
>> On 29/02/2012 10:20 PM, Yuen-Chi Lian wrote:
>>> For such scripting with phases, I find rake (or make) to be more suitable
>>> than ant or Maven. Or try BuildR.
>>> Yuen-Chi Lian |
>>> "I do not seek; I find." - Pablo Picasso
>>> 2012/3/1 Terence Stephens<terence.stephens@**<>
>>> I'm looking for a tool that will help me:
>>>> Build Java Code
>>>> Move Php code to a different location on my computer
>>>> Create New Directories on the server and upload content to them (via
>>>> FTP over SSL or maybe SSH)
>>>> Download whole directories and then zip of the contents
>>>> I know I could do this in a shell script, but I think I would have
>>>> better luck with a Java based tool.  This is outside the scope of
>>>> Maven's uses.  For my needs, should I look into using Maven or find a
>>>> different tool?
>>>> thanks.
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