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From <>
Subject RE: One question about Multi Project Structure in MAVEN
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 15:06:01 GMT
> So basically i have to use deploy plugin to deploy the stuffs at repository and
> over there i can define what components i want to publish or deployed.

Sometimes the definitions are kind of vague in the maven literature.  A "repository" is simply
the thing that holds your maven artifacts.  There's your "local" one, .m2, and  zero to many
"remote" ones.  "Deploy" means put the artifact in a remote repository.  "Install" means put
it in your local one.  The remote ones can be public, or private.  You most assuredly want
a private one.  At some point, you might also deploy a publicly distributable artifact to
a public repository, like maven central, so the public can get to it.  


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