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From "Asmann, Roland" <>
Subject Disabling Profiles during release
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 14:09:26 GMT
Hi all,

I have this company-wide POM that has several profiles that are 
activated when running on Jenkins. Now during the normal build of this 
POM, I tell Jenkins to deactivate several profiles, because they just 
can't run.

Today I needed to make a release of this POM, and I tried to deactivate 
the profiles as well -- using -Darguments=-P!profile1,!profile2 etc. 
This does not seem to work however, so I am now unable to release this 
POM using Jenkins!

Before, when I had to activate profiles, this worked just fine! Is it 
just not possible to deactivate profiles or am I missing something here?


Roland Asmann
Senior Software Engineer

adesso Austria GmbH
Floridotower 26. Stock              T +43 1 2198790-27
Floridsdorfer Hauptstr. 1           F +43 1 2198790-927
A-1210 Wien                         M +43 664 88657566

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