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From Stuart McCulloch <>
Subject Re: Maven 2 project migration to Maven 3
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2011 22:05:36 GMT
On 24 Nov 2011, at 15:02, Martin Sweeney wrote:

> Hi,
> I am just getting up to speed with maven and I have a couple of projects that use maven.
I have been fighting with with maven / dependencies / mirrors and repositories for the better
part of a week now with my projects always ending up with being unable to resolve dependencies.
Usually on a bunch of the same jar files (commons-lang, commons-discovery - to name a couple).
> I am using maven 3.0.3 with jdk150_12.
> What I have found out is that I can manually install these jar files into my (what I
assume to be local repository) using mvn install:install-file command. I get the correct successfully
updated response to this command and re-run my mvn clean install command. Only to find that
the result is exactly the same "build failure" with the same jar files being not found.
> If I look into my local repository and follow the artifact/group/version path I see my
jar file is happily sitting there, but for some reason is not recognised or found.
> I dont understand how come it appears to me that maven 3.0.3 is not looking at my local
repository for my files?

Sounds like

Maven 3 only uses artifacts from the local repository if your project is configured to see
the (remote) repository they came from - this is to avoid problems with misconfigured projects
where the build succeeds just because your local repository already contains that artifact,
whereas it would fail if you had a clean local repository.

> Also how come everytime I run the command mvn install maven 3.0.3 goes off into the internet
and tries to download all the files again?
> I did some further investigation into the problem and actually went and got the binaries
for maven 2.0.11. I updated my path variables and then re-ran my build on the project under
maven 2.0.11 using mvn clean install. This time after an age of downloading and updating files
the project successfully built. I have not changed any source code in the project or altered
the pom file (which maybe the issue) in any way.
> I understood that maven 3 is backwards compatible with maven 2 projects?
> Is there any tutorials / migration paths / updates that I need to apply to my pom file
to build the application under maven 3.0.3?
> I attached the pom and settings files and I can provide the environment paths etc required
and I also have a list of missing jar files that are causing the issue that I can supply as
> I would like to build the project under maven 3 or at least understand why the project
is not or cannot be built under maven 3.
> Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Martin Sweeney
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