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From Ben Smith-Mannschott <>
Subject maven failing to resolve artifact that exists in *local* repository
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 11:46:40 GMT
I've seen this a number of times, and haven't yet figured out what's causing it:

$ mvn -o  install
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project MYPROJECT: Could not resolve
dependencies for project SOME:DEPENDENCY:jar:11.7-bb-SNAPSHOT: The
repository system is offline but the artifact junit:junit:jar:4.8.2 is
not available in the local repository. -> [Help 1]

$ find ~/.m2 -name "*junit*4.8.2*"


I'm using maven 3.0.3. In this particular case I have *no*
settings.xml, so I'm getting whatever the defaults are.

Building works fine if I'm online, though it does go download
junit-4.8.2.jar in that case, despite the fact that it's already got a
copy of it.

Doing another offline build immediately after this successful online
build works. Wait a day or two, however, and I'm back to "I can't see
what's right in front of me." mode.


// Ben

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