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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject AW: Problems with MAVEN's-ANT on OpenVMS
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 09:25:09 GMT
Thank you Barrie, thank you Wayne for your excellent articles.

Now there is hope to get maven and ant build axis2 and maven and our own stuff on OpenVMS.

The issues we are faced with are so many fold: And to complicate things even more. We sit
behind firewalls and maven and ant with a <get task> to build i.e.Axis2, needs to be
set with proper proxy info including http.auth.preference=Basic, not supported straight by
Ant or maven but needs to go as a hint to our Microsoft proxy server to not start negotiating
authentication schemas unable to be handled by the client calling.
We have a working ant version of Ant, that is to say, by a bash shell script we launch our
own AntClassLoader which creates an Authenticator to pass username and password and then calls
the real AntLoader;;; BTW: Username and Password for the proxy server is never picked up by
default from JAVA args as said in documents at various places. We have investigated Ant code
for that. It is picked up by ant code only if you pass the --diagnostics switch to Ant and
makes people think that all is fine, but in reality for a get task Ant does not pick proxy
info under normal operation. This circumstance alone has made us work for some days. Also
to be honest to Ant, it might be a Java JVM or problem. 

Which org has to deal with such issues? Which org should fix it once for ever? 
Or who has to deal with such issues? 
The Ant-, or Maven-, or Java- or any of the mayn thousand jar-developers.

We like to setup JAVA Arguments like -Dhttp.proxy.User=name -Dhttp.proxy.Password=xxx. So
all is fine if we pass this as Ant arguments from inside a build.xml. BUT we do not like to
change the ant build.xml files for each product like axis2 or maven. And we do not like to
modify each maven pom for the same reason. We prefer a more central place. This is the case
for maven with its settings.xml (except http.auth.preference=Basic is not foreseen by maven).

It is always the same: what is used where and when and under which circumstances ?!

Question: Given mavens settings.xml has the proxy info's does maven tell ant about this proxy
information? If yes, where in code and how?
Question: how does maven get best informed about the preferred authentication schemas to be
used by the proxy server 
i.e. -Dhttp.auth.preference=Basic as described by the ORACLE documentation for JAVA and at
many other places.
Question: If ant is first and picks up and works would you expect for maven that ant tells
maven about proxy info to be used?

BTW: thanks for the pointers to the books.

BTW: I took the latest sources of nexus down to my Vista PC. Tried to build it as I do with
maven and axis2 and it failed!
BTW: Then I took the latest binary version of a nexus-webapp.war down to my OpenVMS,  I untared
it on OpenVMS as we do with Axis2 or maven.
It fails during startup on Tomcat and Java 6.0.  Many things get up as one can see in tomcat
logs attached as text file; but it fails.

I did so because Wayne Fay said to work with nexus simplifies much of this repository and
cache management. And I beleave you. And I like the idea very much and was reading a lot about
nexus and repositories immediately. But in reality we have now one more product on OpenVMS
which we need to make work first; where ever the problem is. Is it JAVA from HP? or any of
the jar files issuing a shell script? or the use of exported environment variable of which
bash under OpenVMS does not know anything by default? It is a tedious process to make such
complex environments work;


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Von: Barrie Treloar [] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011 00:45
An: Maven Users List
Betreff: Re: Problems with MAVEN's-ANT on OpenVMS

On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 3:43 AM, Wayne Fay <> wrote:
>> May I ask you a favor and lead me to a document describing how we can make maven
using our own ant 1.7.1,
>> as we had changes in ANT 1.7.1 specifically for OpenVMS, those catching logical,
and generating a temporary
>> file where all the many hundred arguments being passed today to JAVA / JVM are stored
> I already told you what to do but here are the complete steps:

Plus, did you try google?

Some of the steps that Wayne has kindly outlined are not particular to
your problem.
They are the knowledge you need to run Maven effectively at your company.

I highly recommend that you read the freely available books at

We can't wave a magic wand for you to grasp some of the more important
and complicated concepts.
Your going to have to help us by helping yourself first.

Additionally, if you think these steps are important and not well
documented, I invite you to document them for the benefit of others.
As a user you should have access to
But I think the best option would be to write the documentation into
the Ant plugin and provide a patch.

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