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From Guillaume Polet <>
Subject Re: Setting proxy information for Surefire
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 15:26:02 GMT
I think you are mixing two different aspects:
* Maven settings which are used by Maven and its plugin
* Your unit tests settings which you should set up yourself.

How do you make your tests work outside of Maven scope? In your IDE for 
example? or manually? Do you pass your proxy settings using and -DhttpProxy.port? If so, try to pass them to the 
surefire configuration using this:


Le 2/09/2011 17:14, KARR, DAVID a écrit :
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: KARR, DAVID
>> Sent: Friday, September 02, 2011 6:57 AM
>> To: Maven Users List
>> Subject: Setting proxy information for Surefire
>> I have an integration test run with Surefire using Spring's
>> SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.  I have it loading my applicationContext.xml,
>> but it fails when it tries to load the schemas referenced in the
>> context. I've verified the schema exists at that URL.  I can get it in
>> the browser and also with wget (proxy settings in my environment).
>> I have proxy settings in my settings.xml.  I know they're correct
>> because "mvn" builds at the command line have downloaded many artifacts
>> from external repos.
>> Is there something maven-ish I should be configuring to get this to
>> work?
> I tried adding this block to the plugin config:
> 				<systemProperties>
> 				<property>
> 				<name>HTTP_PROXY</name>
> 				<value>${env.HTTP_PROXY}</value>
> 				</property>
> 				</systemProperties>
> I verified that the HTTP_PROXY environment variable is a URL in the form "http://proxyhost:proxyport".
 I use this same value as the "http_proxy" value in my .wgetrc, and that works fine.
> Unfortunately, this didn't fix my problem.  It's still failing to get the schema, and
I've verified there is a schema at that URL.
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