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From Hervé Boutemy <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Archetype Plugin 2.1 Released
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2011 13:04:35 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Archetype 
Plugin, version 2.1

Archetype is a Maven project templating toolkit.

Release Notes - Maven Archetype - Version 2.1

** Bug
    * [ARCHETYPE-220] - Unable to access remote catalogs on HTTPS protocol, 
even with redirection
    * [ARCHETYPE-332] - required property keys cannot have '.' in the name
    * [ARCHETYPE-339] - create-from-project goal should default to using 
${package} instead of ${packageInPathFormat}
    * [ARCHETYPE-341] - archetype.xsd doesn't allow content in source or 
resource elements
    * [ARCHETYPE-344] - Cannot use local snapshot archetypes w/o -
    * [ARCHETYPE-349] - Property not available in config when defaultValue in 
descriptor contains token
    * [ARCHETYPE-351] - Maven central is not used for archetype repository 
    * [ARCHETYPE-353] - Incorrect license header in 3 files
    * [ARCHETYPE-355] - NPE in DefaultArchetypeArtifactManager.closeZipFile 
when running integration-test goal
    * [ARCHETYPE-357] - remove debug trace displayed as info when generating a 
project from an old artifact
    * [ARCHETYPE-359] - fail on mvn install with a archetype created from 
create-from-project command having required property in archetype-metadata.xml
    * [ARCHETYPE-360] - Wrong assignment in loop results in wrong debug log 
    * [ARCHETYPE-362] - Replacing properties in default value of other 
properties doesn't work due to faulty ordering.
    * [ARCHETYPE-376] - port used in unit test is hardcoded so can cause port 
allocation issue on ci machine

** Improvement
    * [ARCHETYPE-265] - Unable to set a description for the generated 
    * [ARCHETYPE-289] - Support empty directory creation
    * [ARCHETYPE-303] - Externalize Archetype Catalog model into separate 
    * [ARCHETYPE-342] - display information message during project creation 
from a fileset archetype like it is done for old 1.x archetype
    * [ARCHETYPE-343] - add package property to generated
    * [ARCHETYPE-375] - display groupId in front of artifactId in list for 

** New Feature
    * [ARCHETYPE-334] - Run a build on generated project during integration 
    * [ARCHETYPE-347] - Allow fields like scm, developers, licenses, etc to be 
set when generating an archetype
    * [ARCHETYPE-371] - Add a command line argument to filter/limit the 
archetypes returned by mvn archetype:generate

** Task
    * [ARCHETYPE-378] - Remove the parameter goalPrefix (and corresponding 
code) from the archetype:add-archetype-metadata mojo


-The Maven team

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