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From dizzyd <>
Subject Re: Maven Jetty Plugin won't honor webAppSourceDirectory
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 19:18:34 GMT
A follow up.  

We have a very large and complex system that is being deployed to jetty
6.1.22, so I'd like to try to keep things a close to the same as possible
with the plugin. 

One issue I am running into is that, the config isn't being honored for:

> <plugin> 
>   <groupId>org.mortbay.jetty<groupId> 
>   <artifactId>maven-jetty-plugin</artifactId> 
>   <version>6.1.22</version> 
>   <configuration> 
> <webAppSourceDirectory>${basedir}/src/main/webapp2</webAppSourceDirectory>

>      <webXml>${basedir}/src/main/webapp2/WEB-INF/web.xml</webXml> 
>   </configuration> 
> <plugin> 

when I do a mvn: jetty:run looks like it is looking for the newest version
of the plugin and defaulting to the "jetty-maven-plugin" (the newest one)
and skipping this configuration all together.  I think this has something to
do with my plugin groups declaration in my settings.xml file:


to get it to actually use the 6.1.22 version I have to use the fully
qualified plugin name as such:

mvn org.mortbay.jetty:maven-jetty-plugin:run

This uses the correct version of the plugin, but why?  What setting is
telling maven to use the newer one when I call jetty:run?

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