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From pcooke2002 <>
Subject begginner questions: best practice: mvn dojo assemblies
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 21:27:35 GMT
thanks for any input and lessons learned.

Situation: my company has a number of web apps. all using dojo they all have
custom profiled dojo builds that are checked into the web apps source code.
We have discovered that someone over the years has made some coding changes
to these generated files in one or more of the web apps. thank god the
changes were insignificant.

what we want to do: Is not check them into the web app source code. We want
to deploy profiled dojo versions in to some maven repository (company
release repository, company snapshot repository, developer local
repository).  Then have the apps pom to get them out of some maven
repository at build time.  

My delema is what is the best way to build multiple versions of dojo,
zip/tar/war/jar it up, and put them into the maven repository so that the
target app can extract them at build time.    we want the : 
     group id = com.mycompany.web
    artifactId = ApplicaitonName+"Dojo"
    version # to be the based on the dojo version + "possibly some snapshot
    possibly a classifier sources since the dojo stuff is the source code
for the web app.

I can use the command line build script to generate the build out dojo, zip
it up,  use mvn install or mvn deploy to put the zip into a repository, and
then configure the target app to extract the artifact. BUT that is not
really elegant or easy to remember what to do the next time they need to be
rebuilt and deployed. Especially if it is after I am no longer at the

I would like maven pom to build run the build several different "dojo
profiles" and then deploy all of  them to repositories (company release,
company snapshot, developer local) as appropriate (some
-DtargetRepository=XXXXXX).  The target web apps would declare their
dependencies and extract the dojo build to the appropriate location in the
web app.

I have found postings on how to run the generate the profiled version of
dojo but that only works if I am building the version from a web app. I
don't want to build a web app.   I want to run the dojo build script with
some arguments, the package them up, and then deploy them to a specified
place in a specific repository.   So that some web app build process can
extract them.

Which plugins do I use to do that???

Frustrations vented thanks for any suggestions

Any thought on how to do this, problems, suggestions on better ways of doing

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