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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: C++, Cross-Compilation, Artifacts and Maven
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2011 14:01:32 GMT

The best place to find which maven-nar-configuration best suits your requirement would be

if you see something that approximates your requirement use it and report back any results
as we want to ensure maven-nar
operating as stated in the doc
if you dont see your specific requirement addressed (something like integration of gmak makefiles)
file a jira request at

provide a complete example (including header, c, c++ sources and any static or shared libraries)
and complete environment for compilation
little-endian vs big-endian
32bit vs 64Bit
including ALL of the configuration-tags seen here e.g.
for example the location of resourceDirectory which is not implemented:
<resourceDirectory> N/A

we would need all those details to replicate and build out the plugin to create artifacts
to accomodate that environment
it is impossible to accomodate each and every environment that exists but we will certainly
try to accomodate currently supported OSes.
Keep in mind the majority of principal developers are european based and on vaca so it may
be sept until you see something

If you need something right away you might want to call maven-antrun-plugin with a target
which exec your make tool e.g.

Bon Chance,
Martin Gainty 
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> Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 14:36:42 +0200
> From:
> To:
> Subject: C++, Cross-Compilation, Artifacts and Maven
> Hello Mavens
> In our company we have a multi-platform C/C++-project anc consider switching
> from our hand-crafted Python-based buildsystem to Maven.
> I've read a lot about the Maven Native, the Maven Nar and the Jade Native
> plugins but I didn't get any valuable results. Maybe I'm too dumb or I expect
> wonders too big ...
> Let me explain our structure:
> We have (at the moment)
>  - amd64, mips and powerpc as platforms
>  - various third-party libraries, many of them patched to fit our needs (and to
> make them cross-compilable) with Make/CMake/BJam ...
>  - our own code
>  - different devices with different purpose to run the code
> We need
>  - a way to invoke the python scripts to patch, configure, cross-compile the
> third-party code and collect the binaries for installation
>  - or magic to do that completely in Maven
>  - handling the includes and libraries automagically
>  - and invoke our custom test scripts
> The folks at my company are traditionalists and to convince them I need a
> working and manageable recipe! Something without the need to get the 10th Dan
> degree in Maven. Just a small wonder, no big one needed ... ;-)
> Thank you very much
> Deux deVille 
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