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From Julien HENRY <>
Subject Maven API: how to get "reactor" order
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 08:08:29 GMT

Background: I'm trying to develop a release helper tool for my company. We can't use the maven-release-plugin
for several reasons. We have a notion that is like a "release train" were several projects
must be released at the same time. These projects can be Maven multi-module projects. These
projects can have interdependencies (SNAPSHOT). But of course no SNAPSHOT dependency is allowed
on a project that is not in the release train.

Basically, I'm trying to have a tool to replace the current manual process:
    1) think about release order according to inter dependencies (cycles are forbidden)

    2) mvn release:prepare release:perform on first project
    3) update all references to this project (replace SNAPSHOT version by released version)
in all pom of the release train
    4) mvn release:prepare release:perform on second project
    5) update all references to this project (replace SNAPSHOT version by released version)
in all pom of the release train
    ... (repeat for all projects of the train)

We already have a "tweak" to allow a full build of the release train with one Maven command.
We have a tool that create a Maven aggregator pom where each submodule is a svn:externals
linking to the trunk of each project.

pom.xml (aggregator)

project1 -> svn:externals to another_location/project1/trunk

project2-> svn:externals to another_location/project2/trunk

projectN-> svn:externals to another_location/projectN/trunk

Now I try to do step 1 automatically. I want to find release order based on inter dependencies
of my release train. I found the ProjectSorter class in Maven API, but it seems I have to
create a MavenProject for each project, and each sub module (as it seems this is not recursive).
Is there a better way ?

In fact the best would be to create a graph of interdependencies. Because I would also try
to detect and prevent this kind of cycle:
project1/submodule1 depend on project2/submodule1
project2/submodule1 depend on project1/submodule2

Thanks for any pointer.


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