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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Multimodule distribution
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2011 14:14:25 GMT
Thanks for quick answers! Actually we want the exactly solution you suggest:
one pom - one distribution package. Packing a config in a jar file is not
acceptable because configuration can be altered by the end-user and in case
of component update he will loose all the modifications.

Solution with packages is exactly what we want with one exception: assembly
descriptor should contain not only the component jar, but some configs
out-of-the jar. The actual problem that we cannot solve is: how to publish
several artifacts for a module and during the distribution phase pull the
arbitrary subset of component's artifacts.
i.e. the structure we want to achieve is:
|   \---Core 
|   \---Component A (Deps: Core; Aconf1.xml Aconf2.xml) 
|   \---Component B (Deps: Core) 
|   \--- ... 
     \--- PACKAGE 1 (Deps: Component A (Aconf1.xml), Component B) 
     \--- PACKAGE 2 (Deps: Component A (Aconf2.xml), Component B) 
     \--- ... 
The most close soultion that we saw is to place config files in
main/resources/conf directory and then unpack them from sources with
assembly plugin, but it will unpack the whole dir. Is there a way to filter
files according to rules in a pom? Or probably there is a more clean way to
do it?

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