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From Stevo Slavić <>
Subject Archetype catalog purpose
Date Sun, 08 May 2011 00:39:11 GMT
Hello Maven users,

What's the purpose of archetype-catalog.xml file (especially on
central repo) except to fall out of sync with archetype artifacts in
the repository and prevent them from being used (easily)?

E.g. central now has several Cargo 1.1.0 archetypes but they can not
be resolved from central as archetypes by maven archetype plugin 2.0
because they are not listed in archetype-catalog.xml (latest there is
1.0.6). To use these archetypes (in repo but not in catalog) one has
to resolve them first as plain dependencies, have maven crawl local
repo, and then use them as archetypes from local repo.

Why couldn't archetype artifacts be treated as any other plain Maven
artifacts, why do they need to be cataloged?


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