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From Yaakov Chaikin <>
Subject Re: Maven release plugin question
Date Tue, 03 May 2011 16:23:12 GMT
Thanks! That put me on the right path and I think it's working now.

Just for the sake of others reading this later... If you have
dependencies that have to specify a version in the reactor or child
modules, just use ${project.version} instead of ${parent.version}.
Also, you have to make sure to list your parent module in the list of
<modules> or the autoVersionSubmodules property won't work and it will
still ask you resolve dependencies which have -SNAPSHOT version in
them and it will start with the parent module's pom. To avoid all
this, just list your parent module in the list <modules> in your
reactor pom.

For a followup question, is there a way to force the release plugin
NOT to run the unit tests. I did -DskipTests=true, but it ignores it
and runs them anyway. In the past, I've tricked the plugin by
specifying a special profile for tests which looked for specially
named classes, rendering the "test" phase kind of useless. It's a
hack, but I had to do it. For those wondering why I would want to run
this withOUT running the tests? It's because some of the tests are DB
unit tests and require a DB to be present, etc. and all I want to do
is release a previously tested codebase and avoid having to set up
environments just so I can do a release.

Thanks again,

On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 3:03 PM, Karl Heinz Marbaise <> wrote:
> Hi, you should the configuration for the maven-release-plugin
> autoversionsubmodules which can be done either on command as well in the
> pom.
> In this situation i would suggest to configure the maven-release-plugin in
> the parent pom....with it's appropriate configuration...
> Furthermore you should prevent using of ${parent.version} in your reactor
> pom neither in you modules pom' should define the version only via at
> the parent pom..
> I would suggest also to define the groupId of the project only once in the
> parent pom ...
> Kind regards
> Karl Heinz Marbaise
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