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From Eric Kolotyluk <>
Subject Assembly Advice
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 12:55:52 GMT
I have a maven project with several modules. In order to create some 
uber jars I use the assembly plug-in during the package phase. However, 
the modules with uber jars depend on other modules, which I have set up 
dependencies for.

The problem I am having is that those modules that are depended on are 
not archived until the install phase, so when the assembly plug-in is 
run, it will pick up state artifacts from the other modules.

Is there some way for me to configure things so that before the assembly 
plug-in is run, it forces all dependent modules to be run with the 
install target first?

Or is it more common practice to do assembly in the install phase? How 
can I guarantee that modules I depend on are installed first?

Cheers, Eric

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