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From Andreas Sewe <>
Subject Re: Site breadcrumbs: trouble with inheritance
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 15:24:15 GMT
Hi Lukas,

> Two things:
> 1) breadcrumbs always get appended, you cannot override or remove a 
> breadcrumb that has been added in a parent

Yes, this explains why we have breadcrumb trails like the following.

Apache > Maven > Apache Maven Site

Here, both "Maven" and "Apache Maven Site" point to the same URL.

> 2) identical breadcrumbs are ignored
> In your first case above, you are trying to add the same breadcrumb 
> (same name, same href) again that is already defined in the parent, so 
> according to 2) it is ignored and you only get the parent breadcrumbs.
> In your second case the child breadcrumb is appended according to 1) so 
> you get 3 (2 parent + 1 child) breadcrumbs.

Interesting that the notion of equality is based on *both* @href and 
@name; I would have expected it to only consider the former. (But that 
doesn't solve my problem, of course.)

> This is the currently expected behavior. The fact that one cannot 
> override or remove breadcrumbs is annoying, you might want to file a 
> feature request for it.

Done: <>

Thanks for you explanation.


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