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Subject Antwort: Re: changing a long mvn command with many goals to a simple command?
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 11:14:21 GMT
>> Bind the goals you want to run to chosen phases.

This unfortuntaly is not possible in a multimodule build,  let's take the 
dashboard plugin as an example:

The dashboard:dashboard needs to run AFTER the full site has been created 
in a multimodule build (because it needs access to all checkstyle.xml of 
all child builds).
This is because if it is just bound to some phase it would run in the 
following order:

Parent-Build: dashboard (<= empty, as the dashboard want's to aggregate 
sub-builds, which didn't run yet)
Child-Build1: dashboard (creates a dashboard for that child)
Child-Build2: dashboard (dito)
Build succesful.

Now unfortunately the dashboard-report for the Parent-Build is still empty 
(and actually it's the most important report aggregating all others and 
giving a good overview).
That's why
is run as a seperate goal after the full buildcycle: it is then able to 
get any report it want's to aggregate.

It's the same with clover. On the parent-level to create a report, the 
childs need to be build first, for clover to be able to create a report 
aggregating all childs.
Unfortunately maven decides not to build the childs first before running 
the life-cycle for the parent.


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