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Subject Re: mvn deploy and site in one go
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2011 17:31:03 GMT
Hi Yegor, 
thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.
>>The only option you have is to run your project twice in your CI 
I'm afraid that is no option for us. I planned to use Maven to reduce 
build-times (right now dependent projects are checkouted and compiled over 
and over again) but running all tests twice would increase build times in 
the end.

>>  But think again, are you sure that you want your site to be built if 
there are JUnit/Checkstyle failures?
I maybe don't need the full site (which we plan to create only once a week 
I guess), when there is a failure.

But I'm in need of HTML-Reports so that developers can find the cause auf 
the failure in those reports quite easily after a build has failed.
TeamCity picks up JUnit-Testfailures automatically from the log - so I 
might live with missing HTML-JUnit-reports (as for some reason I have no 
luck calling surefire-report plugin after a test-fail). 

But with CheckStyle it's a different story (no explicit support in 
TeamCity). Here I need a generic HTML-output which can be uploaded (by 
TeamCity) and presented as part of the build.
Right now I can either choose between an HTML output without CSS (looking 
ugly) or TXT-output which feels like living in medieval times ;) 
I guess if there was a goal that provided the missing CSS-files for the 
reports, I'd could make it work like I want.


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