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From Marc Rohlfs <>
Subject Re: Antwort: Re: mvn deploy and site in one go
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2011 12:56:40 GMT
>> another idea could be to call Maven with the --fail-at-end (-fae)
>> option. But this doesn't seem to work with Maven 3 anymore.
> Even if 'fail-at-end' was working: wouldn't the artifacts still be
> deployed, when running 'mvn deploy' ?

Yes, You're right - didn't think about that. It could be solved if You 
add another build configuration (mvn deploy -Dmaven.test.skip=true) that 
is only triggered when the main build finishes successfully.

 >>> Our buildtimes vary from 30min to 3hour
 >>> (yeah - big heavy integration tests).

How are the integration tests executed in Your build? You should use the 
maven-failsave-plugin instead of the maven-surefire-plugin. The 
maven-failsave-plugin doesn't fail the build, but the test failures will 
be in Your reports.

Another (last) idea, that just occurred to me: You could try to avoid 
build configurations for multi module projects and have a separate build 
configuration for every single module (per POM). This should decrease 
the number of tests per build execution so that it might be "affordable" 
if tests are executed twice.
Build configurations would be triggered by VCS changes and snapshot 
(Maybe not suitable for You but at least another idea)

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