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From Jeff Jensen <>
Subject Maven 3 site: how to add report configured in module to parent's report config?
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2011 19:39:34 GMT
With Maven 3, how do I configure the site plugin to have a module's
defined site reports added to the parent's defined site reports (and
parent doesn't have the child report defined) instead of replacing the
parent's report config?  Is this expected to work/possible (I'm hoping
I don't have to dupe the reports config into the child module)?

In the parent pom's <build>/<pluginManagement> element, I configured
the site plugin with default reports configuration.  This works great
for having all modules run with the same reports.

Now one module needs an additional report which shouldn't run for the
other modules as it would just duplicate the effort.  So I added the
site plugin config with that one additional report configured to that
module's <build>/<plugins> element.  However, for that module, now the
other reports, defined in the parent, don't run; only the one report
configured in its pom runs.

I didn't find docs/info on this problem and my experiments didn't
change anything.  Anyone have advice on how to solve this problem?

I realize one workaround is to create a separate project/pom and have
a different CI job run that one report, and I may have to, but it
seems this Should Work (TM) and I don't know how yet!

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