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From "Asmann, Roland" <>
Subject Retrieving all available versions of an artifact
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2011 15:30:29 GMT
Hi all,

I'm writing a plug-in and currently need a list of all available 
versions for a specific artifact. I've found this method:


which I thought would do this. However, this method does not give the 
list of available SNAPSHOTs.

In my plug-in I want to make sure that the latest version of a certain 
artifact is used. This version may either be the latest release or a 
newer SNAPSHOT. But like I said, the method doesn't give me the latest 
version of the SNAPSHOTs.

I figured out already, that this is because the implementation of the 
above method only checks the remote release repositories. It doesn't 
look in the local repository (which in my tests contained the SNAPSHOT I 
was looking for) or the remote snapshot repositories.

Does anybody know if there is a method that does exactly what I want, or 
am I stuck to defining my snapshot repositories to contain releases as 
well? The latter is a workaround that gets me the artifact, but now 
Maven tries to resolve all artifacts to that repo as well, and it makes 
my build that much slower.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Roland Asmann
Senior Software Engineer

adesso Austria GmbH
Floridotower 26. Stock              T +43 1 2198790-27
Floridsdorfer Hauptstr. 1           F +43 1 2198790-927
A-1210 Wien                         M +43 664 88657566

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