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From Marc Rohlfs <>
Subject Re: Maven 3 support for org.apache.maven.user-settings
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2011 10:39:23 GMT

On 09/02/11 16:16, Wayne Fay wrote:
>> started working with an alias:
>> >      alias mvn='mvn -s .../settings.xml'
>> >  But this wouldn't work on Windows machines ...
> I've done something similar with "mvnclienta" and "mvnclientb". You
> simply copy the mvn.bat file, rename it, and insert the "-s
> .../settings-clienta.xml" into the call to mvn directly. This seems
> like a reasonable approach to me on any OS.

I'm starting the terminal with some additional, client-specific 
environment variables. This allows me to use different Maven, Java, etc. 
versions, depending on each client's specifications.

With Your approach, I see 2 problems:

1. I wouldn't like to create new mvnclient* scripts on every version 
upgrade. And when I simply copy them from another Maven version, I'd 
first have to check if there aren't any changes in the original scripts.

2. Hudson offers automatic installation of Maven distributions. This is 
a very nice feature, because (especially in bigger organisations) admins 
often don't like to provide developers with access to the server hosts. 
But don't see a (reasonable) way the replicate the mvnclient* scripts in 
an automatically installed distribution.


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