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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Imported JAR causes problems in suboptimal situation
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 21:51:42 GMT
I am being forced to use maven temporarily in a situation where Internet 
access is disallowed.  (Don't even ask).

Amazingly by copying an entire local repository from another machine, I 
am able to function most of the time.  The one problem comes up when 
maven wants to look at Maven Central for a file it won't find there. 
This file is a POM for a third-party JAR that was imported into the 
repository.  When run from a machine that has Internet connectivity, it 
attempts to download this non-existent POM, fails to find it, and lets 
me off with a warning.  When run from a machine that has no Internet 
connectivity the build fails with: "connection refused".

Is there a way to tell Maven to use only a local repository and never 
try to connect to maven central?

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