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From Yaakov Chaikin <>
Subject Using mvn release:prepare, mvn release:branch with non-reactor parent pom.xml
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 18:15:14 GMT

Our project has a parent pom that's located as a sister module to all
the other modules and the root pom is the rector pom that defines
different profiles of different sets of modules to build.

So, here is roughly our structure:
pom.xml (rector pom.xml which references parent pom.xml for its version)
module1 (references parent pom.xml for its version)
module2 (references parent pom.xml for its version)
parent (module that has nothing but the parent pom.xml where all the
dependencies, etc are defined)

We just recently switched to this structure. Previously, our reactor
pom.xml and parent pom.xml where one and the same, i.e., we did not
have a separate parent module.

The problem is that now when we branch or release, each poms version
is updated from ${parent.version} to the version specified in the mvn
release plug in as the next version.

Is there a special flag we need to pass to the mvn release plugin for
it behave properly?


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