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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: maven deploy module conditionally
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 14:31:55 GMT
On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 9:18 AM, Steve Cohen <> wrote:
>> Set all your versions to end in -SNAPSHOT, that way you can leave them
>> in the aggregated build without the repository manager complaining on
>> deploy.
> Yes, I suppose I could do that (which is pretty much what I did before), but
> it sort of defeats the whole purpose of what I'm trying to accomplish here,
> which is, be a little more organized about what is release and what is in
> development.
>> If one of the modules is stable, do a release of it and have the other
>> modules depend on that released version (but you can still build the
>> next snapshot in your aggregator build.)
> Is what you are saying, then, that I need to "comment out" the stable
> modules as modules in the aggregator project?  That would pull them from the
> repo (they are then just dependencies, like third party jars)?  It would be
> nice not to have to mess with the POMs in this way.  That's what I'm looking
> for.

No commenting out.  I was trying to make the fewest changes to your
current setup as possible, since you said you didn't want to redesign
the build.

Following the Maven conventions, you never have a non-SNAPSHOT version
number checked in on a trunk or branch -- only on a tag.  (Or briefly
while a release is happening.)

It sounds like right now you are building an artifact with a
non-snapshot version number over and over.  That goes against the idea
that 'releases never change' -- releases should be built once, put in
the repository, and pulled from there when needed.

The version numbers make it clear what's under development and what's
not.  If module A depends on B-1.1-SNAPSHOT (being built in the
aggregated build,) then B is under development.  If A depends on
B-1.0, then you are using a stable version of B.

Maven does not currently have the concept of 'skip deployment if my
version number does not end in -SNAPSHOT'.  You'd probably have to put
the deploy plugin configured to with 'skip=true' in a profile, and
patch the profile activation code to understand that concept.


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