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From Ben Caradoc-Davies <>
Subject Re: How to keep the unit testcase
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 04:54:08 GMT
Maybe Kim wanted to know "where"?

Maven expects that Java unit tests are stored in src/test/java . All 
test classes called Test*.java or * in src/test/java will be 
run automatically during the maven test phase.

For example, if you have a unit test com.example.ExampleTest you should 
define it in:


Then when you run "mvn clean install" for your module, the unit test 
suite com.example.ExampleTest will be run before the artifact is installed.

Kind regards,

On 27/01/11 12:40, Wayne Fay wrote:
>> I am very 'baby' to this maven so very sorry for the basic question below.
>> How to keep the unit testcase?
> The reason you've received no replies as yet is because your question
> makes no sense. Please describe the problem you are having, what you
> expect/need from Maven, and what you are currently experiencing.
> Wayne
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