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From "Stefan Schulze" <>
Subject Re: Cobertura and Surefire
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 15:03:08 GMT
Jeff Jensen wrote:
> Perhaps a different CI job structuring?  This has worked well for me 
> at many
> customers: Have a CI job for only compile and unit tests - this 
> maintains the most important very fast turnaround.  Have a second CI 
> job for (longer
> running) IT tests that only runs with success of the first.  
> Have a third job for coverage, standalone or as part of a full system 
> site gen or using Sonar or other...

Sounds nice, but this doesn't meet my requirement, that the tests with coverage-checks (and
only one time, not twice) should run, when the developers do "mvn test". We have a quite small
difference between coverage-threshold and actual coverage, so I think it's important, that
the developers check their coverage during development, so they can react early. 

Another problem to your solution is, that we unfortunately don't use a regular CI-server but
a bunch of shellscripts and cron-jobs. So it's not as trivial as with Hudson (Jenkins?) to
use this kind of build-pipeline.
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