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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: maven-resources-plugin & file-encoding
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 21:38:32 GMT
Hi Roland,

Asmann, Roland wrote:

> Hi Jörg,
> That plugin is tuned for single files, right? That would mean I'd have
> to have all developers include the plugin with its configuration in
> their POMs... I'd rather have a solution in a parent-POM (we use a
> company-wide master)...
> Also, if there is at least one correct Umlaut in there, it will probably
> say the file is correct as well, right?
> So, in all, it's a nice workaround, but still not an actual solution...
> :-(

yes, that would have been a single file solution only. However, the real 
problem is, that some people commit files with wrong encoding. If you tell 
Maven that the file *is* UTF-8, then you have to ensure, that only files in 
this encoding can be committed at all e.g. in Subversion using a commit 

The problem is the *detection*. We normally force ASCII. This is fine for 
all kind of source code and easy to detect. If some non-ASCII character has 
to be in the code, you can always encode it with a Unicode notation (e.g. 
\uXXXX). This is true for Java, property files, JavaScript, XML, HTML, ...

- Jörg

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