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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: maven-resources-plugin & file-encoding
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 18:22:46 GMT
Jörg Hohwiller wrote:

> Hi Roland,
> sorry. My mail client was out of sync. When I wrote the mail, no response
> to your post was visible to me.
> In this case it sounds like something very special.
> You can check...
> ... if you have any specific profiles in your POM that are OS dependent
> but I doubt that it is related
> ... if you have the exact same JVM version on both systems (maybe on linux
> you even have a different JVM implementation underhood, depending on your
> distro)
> ... if there is some effect by the VCS client that you use to checkout the
> sources on linux or windows. You can probably check with a hex-editor or
> get both versions on an usb-stick and diff them.

This would have been my guess also. If you process a Cp1252 encoded file on 
Windows as UTF-8, this might simply lead to an garbled character. On Linux 
you have nowaday normally UTF-8 as system encoding and Cp1252 decoded as 
UTF-8 might result in an invalid UTF-8 character if processed as UTF-8 

- Jörg

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