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From jhumble <>
Subject Re: Continuous Delivery and Maven
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2010 20:30:14 GMT

Hi Curtis

> What you're proposing is indeed interesting. But you do seem to pick and
> choose what you want (reproducibility) and what you can dispense with
> (tags and branches).

Correct. In my defence, I have extremely good reasons why I want
reproducibility and don't care about tagging, derived from high level
principles about how to do software delivery in a reliable, efficient way.
You may not care about them, and that's fine, but I want any tool I use to
be able to work according to these principles.

> I'm just saying, that as a practical matter, we can today solve your
> problem without the need for a new plugin. Reproducible, and Auditable.
> I can look at anything directly, even in Prod, and make the leap all the
> way to SVN without a single cross reference or lookup because we put all
> that meta-data in the manifest, just not in the POM (in your scenario,
> in ours the POM has everything listed as a version though so we don't
> face the SNAPSHOT issue).

Fair enough, but you have to do a bunch of extra work to include that
information in the manifest, and the manifest doesn't include information on
transitive dependencies. I want the tool to support it out of the box by
including the information in the pom that goes along with the artifacts it

Of course, the pom is in XML which is eXtensible, so existing tools can
ignore this extra information if they like! So I don't see why it should be
a problem.

You want to be able to Audit but eschew documentation like a Site
> reports? Again seems sort of cake-and-eat-it-too to me.

Perhaps I expressed myself poorly. I am fine creating documentation like
site reports, but I want to be able to derive the information in the site
report from the metadata associated with my binaries.

Jez Humble
Co-author, *Continuous Delivery <>*

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