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From Antonio Petrelli <>
Subject Re: Best practice re: releasing large assembly artifacts
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 19:46:56 GMT
2010/11/4 Marshall Schor <>:
> Now, we are trying to better align with the Maven way, and are using Nexus.  The
> default for assemblies will attach these 16 mb things as artifacts of the
> aggregation project, and mvn release:perform will put them into the Nexus
> repository.
> Is this OK for these big assemblies (both binary and source)?  I would also copy
> these to the Apache distribution spot, to have them automatically mirrored, in
> addition.  Is this the right approach?

IMHO deploying assemblies in a Maven repository is entirely optional,
since other developers rarely take these artifacts as a dependency.
IOW, do it if you need it.

> I experimented with marking the binary assembly with the configuration
> <attach>false</attach> - this works, and prevents it from going up to Nexus
> then on to Maven central), but has the bad side effect of preventing the
> maven-gpg-plugin from signing that artifact.  This is because the maven gpg
> plugin only signs "attached" artifacts.

There's another way, that I use with Tiles and Velocity: skip the deploy
and, in the deploy phase, I use Wagon plugin, with some tricks
(install signatures in local repository, copy from local repository
installed artifacts to target folder), to upload assemblies to their
final place.
You can see it working here:
See the "apache-release" profile.


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