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From Craig <>
Subject strange dependency resolution errors in mvn 3.0
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 22:22:22 GMT

Since upgrading to maven 3.0 our (previously reliable) Bamboo build
server has been having a lot of randomly failing builds. I think I
have narrowed the problem down to these kinds of messages from maven:

 [WARNING] The POM for my-group:my-artifact:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT is
missing, no dependency information available

Looking in the local repo of the build server, the pom is indeed
missing, although the jar/source/javadoc artifacts are there. The
project with the missing pom is also being built by mvn3 on the build
server, and has succeeded in the past. An example of the command line
being invoked by Bamboo is:

 /disk/apache-maven-3.0/bin/mvn clean deploy site -e -B -U -DperformRelease=true

So something seems to be deleting poms from the local repository. I
can't think of any other tool which would access this directory other
than maven 3 invoked as above, so it must be maven or a plugin
deleting this file.

A second problem, brought about by the first, is that after not
finding the pom, mvn3 carries on with the build, even though it hasn't
added any of the transitive dependencies from the missing pom to the
classpath. This causes spurious build errors, like compilation errors,
or even sometimes test failures, which are very misleading, if you
didn't notice the aforementioned warning.

Another point to note is that the missing pom is available in our
nexus repo, but after not finding the pom in the local repo, mvn3
doesn't seem to try the nexus repo. If the entire directory is deleted
from the local repo, then mvn will resolve again from nexus. These
points suggest a possible metadata problem?

Finally, to reiterate, these errors appear to be somewhat random, with
builds working fine for a few days, then starting to fail.

Any ideas,


using: maven 3.0, nexus 1.8, bamboo, linux, jdk6

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