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From Brian Fox <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Enforcer Plugin 1.0
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2010 01:43:28 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven
Enforcer Plugin, version 1.0

Maven Enforcer Plugin - The Loving Iron Fist of Maven™ The Enforcer
plugin provides goals to control certain environmental constraints
such as Maven version, JDK version and OS family along with many more
standard rules and user created rules.

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


 Release Notes - Maven 2.x Enforcer Plugin - Version 1.0

** Bug
    * [MENFORCER-71] - Documentation: wrong usage of
unCheckedPluginsList option in sample
    * [MENFORCER-76] - Documentation for regex on requireProperty
incorrectly includes quotes around regex
    * [MENFORCER-77] - "Require Release Version" rule does not have
documented parameter "onlyWhenRelease"
    * [MENFORCER-82] - Project site does not provide valid examples
    * [MENFORCER-101] - Enforcer does not allow to restrict based on
SNAPSHOT version as version comparison uses artifact.getVersion()
instead of artifact.getBaseVersion()
    * [MENFORCER-102] - Several minor site-bugs
    * [MENFORCER-104] - Specifying a message with an alwaysFail rule
doesn't work
    * [MENFORCER-105] - requirePluginVersions rule doesn't work with
POM named other than pom.xml
    * [MENFORCER-108] - Documentation/Typo : 'unCheckedPluginsList' is
written instead of 'unCheckedPluginList'
    * [MENFORCER-109] - Error in logged output message from
dependency-convergence rule, make the rule less usable

** Improvement
    * [MENFORCER-72] - Add scope to bannedDependencies rule
    * [MENFORCER-73] - Display dependency "path" when
bannedDependencies rule fails
    * [MENFORCER-87] - enhance requireNoRepositories to permit
allowing any Snapshot only repos
    * [MENFORCER-107] - An enforcer rule that demands developers
ensure all dependency (and transitive dependency) version numbers

** New Feature
    * [MENFORCER-81] - Create a banned plugins rule
    * [MENFORCER-85] - Ability to exclude modules of multi-module
project from requireReleaseDeps rule


-The Maven team

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